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  Please read the info below.  
Things have changed!!!!

                                            PLEASE NOTE: Players will now need to register for each season.  It is $50 per season.  Child will keep the same shirt and stay on the same team.  Make sure you order a shirt size that will fit for both seasons.  Allow for growth spurts.                                                 

FALL 2022

Ripley and Ravenswood fill out the same form.  There will be a place to mark which one your child wants to roster with.

Registration Fee

Registration fee is $50 for Fall 2022.

There are no discounts for extra children. Payment MUST be made before registration will be accepted.  This is your responsibility when registering your child. There will be NO reminders sent.  IF payment isn't made, registration will be set aside till payment is made.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  If you have a hardship, please let me know and we will work with you.  

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline is July 15th.  After that date, a $10 late fee will be added on and placement of player will be done only if space is available.

Requests are not honored except for siblings/cousins and those who may need to carpool.  

Age Guidelines - For the Fall 2022 Season, players must be born in 2008 - 2019.

Birth Certificates and Pictures - Birth Certificates are required.  They can be uploaded at time of registration.  PLEASE be assured that once the BC is verified, it will be deleted and not stored on the internet or kept.  These will be verified on a daily basis!!!!  Child's BC must be turned in/uploaded before registration can be completed.  

Coaching - If you are interested in coaching, please see the coaching tab on the home page.  If needed, coaches with seniority, will be placed first. Once coaches are selected, you will be sent more information on what is needed for the coaching registration process. Coaches are only used if needed.  There are requirements coaches mush pass in order to coach.

Team Parent - Every team should have a team parent.  They can be a contact for the team and help the coach with whatever is needed.


Other Sports - If your child is playing another sport, such as baseball or football, please check the dot for that. Although we do not keep anyone from playing in the league that is playing another sport, we discourage it.  A team

depends on it's players being available for practices and games.  Games are ONLY scheduled around a coach, not other sports.


Hardship - If you have hardship and need help with the registration fee, please let us know .  We can help but will expect help in the concession and field work in return.   We are willing to help but also expect parents/guardians to get their child to practices and games. To apply for hardship, please fill out this form.







The league pays out off the top $17.00 WVSA Fees.  We have supplies, upkeep and paint to buy.  Referee pay takes most of the rest of the registration fee.  (Referee pay out this past year was close to $5000.00.)


Click on link below to register.    


Payment can be made through the registration page using your debit/credit card. This is safe and secure and is the recommended way to pay.


Mail payment through the mail to the                 address below:


    46 Skyline View Dr.

    Ripley, WV  25271

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