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RYSC depends on volunteers to help keep things running smoothly.  Being a coach is one of the most important volunteers that is needed. Without our coaches, there will be no teams.  Being a coach means many things.  First and foremost, this is ALL about the kids.  Winning is great, we all like to win. But not at the cost of a child's spirit.  Respect a child, and you will receive respect back, usually.  :)  Yes usually, but there are a few that don't give it back in return, that pulls every string you have and then some.  The ones that make you want to pull your hair out and everyone else's that is standing close by.  And as we know, patience is a virtue.  A tough thing sometimes, but is very important when working with children.  You will deal with parents.  For the most part, they are helpful, fun and cheerful.  Wanting their child to learn and have fun.  Then every now and then there may be one come along, who is not always easy to get along with. Who do not understand why you do things one way or another.  Who complain about everything and seem to judge your every move.  And you are the lucky one that got that parent.  ;)  But I assure you, coaching a team is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  It does take time, but won't you be at the field anyway bringing your child for practice?  Yeah, I thought so.  

Positive things:
1.  You get to spend more time with your own child.
2.  You get to meet new kids, learn about them, and watch them learn and grow.
3.  You get to set your own practice days and times.
4.  The game schedule is worked around your own work schedule. 
5.  And most important, you get to make an impact on a child, that may need it more than you know. 

Negative things:
1. We don't have those in soccer.  No, not permitted!  :) 

2. No foul language, it isn't permitted and you will be removed as coach immediately!

2 Excuses that don't work:
1.  I don't have time, I am to busy.  - DON'T try that one with me. We are all busy!
2.  I don't know anything about soccer.  -  Everyone starts somewhere.  It is time to learn!

Things you need to know:
1.  If you want to coach your child's team (yes your child has to be on your team, sorry bout that) ;)  you can mark that on the registration form. PLEASE note, that marking this, does NOT mean you will be coaching.  We have a coaches selection committee that goes over those wanting to coach and will pick from those that are willing to. ​ 
2.  Coaches already in an age group, are first priority to those moving up an age group.
3.  Please make yourself aware of the coaches responsibility in the By-Laws and Policies & Procedures.
4.  We have a 0 tolerance rule.  What does that mean?  It is in the Policies & Procedures, but comes down to one thing. We will not tolerate any yelling/screaming or questioning the referees calls.  Our referees are young, but without them we have none.  Any coach doing this, will be removed.
5.  Coaches MUST play the children 50% of the game.  This is a rec league.  You will have all types of children with all levels of playing ability.  ALL are treated the same and played the same amount of time.
6.  Starting the Spring 2018, ALL coaches are required to attend the coaches meetings that are held.  This is not an option.  If you can't attend the meetings, then do not sign up to coach.  These are important and information is not getting to parents due to coaches not showing to the meetings. 
7.  Starting the Spring 2018, ALL coaches and asst. coaches, new and/or returning, MUST attend a coaching class before being able to coach.  Why?  There are to many rules that aren't being followed, coaches all have different opinions on how to do things, and so on.  The class will be to teach every coach the rules that are followed and played by.  The class will be held at a place and time to be determined.  It will not take much of your time.  Promise!  :)  We will have 2 per age group, this will give you a better chance of attending.    If you do not attend one of the classes, you will not be coaching.

8.  ANY person working with RYSC MUST fill out the Risk Management form, Sexual Abuse Prevention Training (SAPT)  and do the Concussion Course (links are below), BEFORE coaching.  
9.  PLEASE note, if you are needed to coach, you will need to register on the same registration as your child does.  You MUST include your SS# at the end or you are NOT registered.  Your legal name is required for this too.
10. ALL coaches should have an asst coach, who must go through the classes and meetings with them.
11. Foul language of any kind is NOT tolerated!!!                                    


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